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NOW is the time to celebrate beautiful skin.  Cheers to a New Look and an amazing Spring!

Spring is here! Perfect time for repair, re-balance, hydration and detoxing your skin!

A Lactic facial can help repair your flaky dull skin from  harsh cold weather and dry conditions.

The next few months I will be using a Pomegranate Enzyme Peel;   The peel is followed by a Hydra Lifting Mask.    This combination creates a softening effect to polish the skin, as well as lightening most hyper- pigmentation on the face.  Your skin will look fresh, soft, hydrated, healthy, glowing and gorgeous!

Call today to book an appointment for a Lactic Refresh  Peel  facial and receive 20% off!

Considering a Chemical Peel?
Ask me about a Blueberry Peel, Vita Brite Peel;  as well as the intense Lactic Peel.