About Me

My philosophy:

There are many factors that contribute to your skin's appearance.  For example; diet, stress, exercise, sun exposure, lack of water, medications, and hormones;  can all affect your body's largest organ.
Tips for caring for your skin;
    *Wear Sunscreen daily on your face, neck and chest
    *Cleanse twice a day
    *Always remove make-up before bed
    *Monthly facials to obtain and maintain healthy skin
    *Stay away from sugar and processed foods
    *A little sun several times a week for 15 minutes is good for the body and Vitamin D levels

Sunscreen can help to prevent sun damage, skin cancer, deterioration of collagen and elasticity, and even slow down the aging process.

Recently the UV Index was measured above 10 in Los Angeles.  For a light skinned person, or those not wearing sun protection, that translates to a sunburn in just 4 minutes!

Stacey Witt, LE
Graduate of Designs Cosmetology School in Pleasanton, CA
California Licensed Esthetician

Member of Pleasanton Downtown Association

Conveniently located in downtown Pleasanton
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125 W. Neal Street, Ste. B
Pleasanton, CA  94566
c:   925.314.6156

Great spring  tips:  Try adding coconut water or aloe vera juice to your breakfast smoothie - they help to hydrate the skin and body.  Adding a teaspoon of coconut oil or a few tablespoons of avocado  to a smoothie, adds healthy oil to your diet, which can make your skin glow.

Great skin happens from the inside out!  Add fresh organic fruits and vegetables to your daily diet.  Antioxidants can help create amazing skin.

Remember: Sugar is harmful to the skin and body.  It wreaks havoc within the cells - breaking down collagen and elastins -causing premature aging.

Goal for 2016:  Lower sugar intake to less than 6 teaspoons per day (which is equal to 25 grams)!!
**  Add nuts and seeds to your diet, they can help provide good fat; keeping the skin soft.

See your Licensed Esthetician at least every 2-3 months.  Investing in your skin now, will pay off later.