Not only are facials a wonderful way to relax and pamper yourself, but there are many benefits to your skin as well. 

Facial benefits:
  • exfoliates the skin
  • tightens and tones the skin
  • increases circulation
  • hydrates
  • removes toxins and waste 
  • brightens and lightens complexion 
  • plus it feels great!

Derma File Exfoliation benefits:

  • provides a smoother appearance of skin
  • improves the appearance of fine line and wrinkles
  • helps to even the coloring and lighten the pigmentation
  • supports the natural collagen synthesis in the skin
  • helps to build collagen and thicken the dermis
  • firms and tightens the skin
  • great exfoliation on the hands and forearms
  • reduces scaring and acne lesions           
  • Safe for those with broken capillaries that are unable to use microdermabrasion