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  • Stacey W

Be beautiful with Broccoli Sprouts

After listening to a podcast last week with Dr. Rhonda Patrick, I decided it was time to pull out my broccoli seeds, mason jar and sprouting lid and get back to work.

I forgot how amazing these little sprouts are. One of the most nutritious things you can eat. You can grow your own in just a few days. How easy is that? Why not?

Dr. Patrick talks about the high levels of sulforaphane in the sprouts and how incredible they are for you. Just a handful a few times a week is all it takes. They can help prevent cancer, reduce inflammation, improve blood sugar, keep your heart healthy and the best part; delay aging.

If you are as concerned as myself about aging skin, try eating some broccoli sprouts. See for yourself. If your skin will look gorgeous and you have more energy, by all means sprout away! The sprouts can be added to a smoothie or on top of a salad. I prefer them in my morning smoothie.

So far, this week of eating sprouts, my allergies are seeming better, energy levels are better and my skin is glowing. In my opinion that means - WINNING!!!

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