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  • Stacey W

You can't keep me down!

Here we are, a year after Covid first hit the Bay Area. It's hard to believe all that we have experienced in the last 12 months. Its a time for growth. A time for change. A time for setting positive intentions.

In hard times, we can experience anger and frustration. Fear and doubt. Truth be told, none of us could have escaped the pandemic without feeling fearful. That fear can bring about negativity in our lives. I am a business owner. I provide a personal service to clients, a service that was threatened by Covid for nearly a year.

I have worked hard for many months to remain positive. I am learning to embrace the fear and use it as an opportunity to understand Enlightenment.

As the weeks go on, I revel in the sights and beauty of spring. It's a change. Growth is happening all around us. Nature has a beautiful way of adapting to change. Why can't we? We must have faith and trust in the process. Trust in our journey.

I am back in my skin care studio and working hard to rebuild my business. I am excited about the new faces that are coming in to see me. I am feeling so grateful to work with new clients that are trusting in me to bring them glowing fresh skin. I am working on two new services to provide my clients. I can't wait for whats next!

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