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  • Stacey W

Its Been a Long time

Autumn begins next week and it's been quite a year to say the least. 2020 has not been kind to most of us, especially in the beauty industry. It has been challenging not knowing what comes next or where to go from here. We all have one main goal in mind; to get back on track and heal our communities.

In California, and more particularly Contra Costa County along with Alameda County, Spa and Beauty Services have been closed since March. It has taken a toll on those of us that own and operate our businesses. Regarding COVID-19, I remain strong and will continue moving forward with re-opening my business as a Licensed Esthetician. I take pride in my education and servicing my clients with outstanding disinfection, sanitary practices and procedures. I will always do my best to go above and beyond in providing top shelf services by using quality, clean, safe and professional grade products.

I want to ensure my clients to feel safe and secure coming back into my studio for skin and waxing services. I will make sure surfaces and instruments have been disinfected, towels and linens properly laundered, along with PPE devices for myself . I am excited to see my clients, my friends and family and get back to Making faces beautiful once again.

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